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Hopes And Dreams
Opinion of the editor of this website thinks that this website could be compared to big hopes and dreams such as two years ago that the economy was doing its thing and everyone thought that the internet was the new big hit of the future. Internet companies would come out saying that they have something amazing to share and amazing things they could do, but as proof of the poorly built companies they were, 90% of those companies took a big hit and many of them went under.

Risenmay.com was built on the foundation and premises that cool things would happen and it would be the website that many would flock to for their Risenmay info. But that assumption was wrong and the hopes and dreams of the editor have be shot and saddened. The editor guesses that some people do visit this site and some do actually come here on a regular basis such as the editor and one other contributor to this site. Others that do venture their way onto this area on the web come more for curiosity such as, “I wonder if someone has taken Risnemay.com”, and then they say, “Some moron took it and made it into a junky ‘I want to pretend to be a newspaper site for their family’”.

And don’t try to argue against me. I should put a counter on this site to prove my story. I am sure this site would have been up to about 25 hits if my hits did not count. And I am afraid that by saying such things as this I will get responses going against my theory. I have heard these sad excuses to try and make me feel good about the hours I spend typing and providing content for the masses to read.

So for those who have indicated they enjoy what I do, thanks. I will continue making stupid things to put on this site. I mostly said what I said because I am bored and I was tired of the old story and I had nothing so say so I just wanted to say something to myself on the internet that “you” are now reading by chance because you are most likely one of those people probably seeing if Risenmay.com is a website or not.

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Los Taumaturgos - October, 1996
... Richards, Franklin Dewey IV, Scottsdale, AZ. Richter, David Fred, Bountiful,UT. Risenmay, Steven Hyatt, Idaho Falls, ID. Snow, Michael Lorenzo, Bountiful, UT. ...

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Aun resuena en nuestra mente y corazón las inspiradoras palabras del Elder Dickson; pronunciadas en su gira del 6 al 9 de Agosto de este ano.

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Eric Risenmay Player Profile
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We are sorry to report that incumbent Mayor Lewis K. Billings won Tuesday's election and his reign of terror will continue until we can find enough evidence of mayoral misconduct to warrant an impeachment hearing. We here at P.E.T.M.M.S.H.U.C.P.M. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Marc Morgan and Support His Unsuccessful Campaign for Provo Mayor) would like to thank all the people that have shown their support for Marc and never stopped believing. Keep reaching for that Rainbow! -Steve Risenmay President of P.E.T.M.M.S.H.U.C.P.M. Read More

Two Climbing Rescues on the Middle Teton
Three members of an outdoor club from Provo, Utah, became stranded while attempting to climb the Middle Teton on Saturday, June 7th. Two separate parties from the group were trying to "race" each other to the summit of the Middle Teton on separate routes when one of the parties got off route and became stranded on precipitous and icy cliffs. The climbing party of Jonathan Johnson and Paul Jordan, both 28, ended up near Ellingwood Couloir. The second climbing party of Adam Dover, 27, and Steve Risenmay, 26, could not safely descend the Southwest Couloir when Dover became exhausted. Risenmay left Dover, eventually locating park rangers who... Read More

Elder Jeff Risenmay
I'm just attending BYU for now. I'll be graduating in 2004 with a Masters degree in accounting. After that we'll be leaving Utah and time will tell where we end up. Also we will be having a little girl in this August. Read More