December 2004

Friday December 3rd 2004: Holy Crap I am lazy. Yup it is true, I have not update my site for an entire year. I was looking at my website tonight and realized that people were actually visiting it. Why would anyone visit this site. Who knows what possesses these people. Anyway I am going to again start writing my stories. I think it will be fun for me because I have forgotten many of my cherished stories or I will forget those ones I need to share. Anyway I hope you like these messages. :-)

November 2003

Wednesday November 19th 2003: I just watched the movie Seabiscuit. I judged the cover by the name, and I was wrong. The movie was set during the time of the great depression. For me the following quote sums up a large message of the movie. "You don't throw away a whole life just 'cause he's banged up a little."

Monday November 17th 2003: Today I took a nap after church and slept till it was time to go to bed. And as you can see by the date after this entry, I am pathetic and have done a bad job of keeping this site alive. I feel like I lost a year of my life my not keeping up this site because it is basically my journal. It is 3 AM right now and I have 7 more hours till I can get my hands on Mario Kart.

July 2002

Wednesday July 17th 2002: Sort of ticked at everyone. I just figured out how many people have actually visited my appartment to visit me during the last 11 months of living here other than family. The huge count is now up to 4. Wow, I am a popular guy. I think it is time to move out of this hole of a ward and try and make some real friends. It is not like I don't go and visit people to try and make friends.

Wednesday July 16th 2002: Well, this is becoming my not so everyday updates. Anyway, I started a new job and it pays crap. $7.50 is not what I call a career. I am slacking on looking for jobs and I should kick myself for wasting so much time when I was unemployed. Oh well, I can just try to do better with my time in the future.

Wednesday July 15th 2002: Went to Fellowship Of The Rings tonight the first part of Lord Of the Rings. The movie is long and lengthy and the 4th time through is not so good.

June 2002

Wednesday June 19th 2002: Matt (My Roommate) and I went scavenging for wood today so that his Bonfire would be a success. We drove around town looking to find scrap wood that was laying around so that we could have a real nice fire. Matt invited lots of people and it was ok. Just wish the people I invited would have come.

Saturday June 15th 2002: Today I received my denial on claims for unemployment again. I could continue my fight for unemployment, but I am giving up the battle. I could appeal again, but I really don't care about the money. I caused ol supervisor Joe some stress in his life for what he did to me so I feel ok about it. I was able to make some changes and get my opinion heard, so I am happy with that and I am not appealing again.

Thursday June 13th 2002: I went running today and I about died. I have been running with a girl named Laura this week and for the 3rd day in a row we went running. I walk like a cripple now because my legs hurt so bad. After running tonight I went to play voleyball and I could not play and I had to sit down because my body hurt so bad.

May 2002

Friday May 24th 2002: For those who saw me hit my grandma with a soft air filled plasic globe you will really know how scared I was after hitting her in the face. I was intending to hit mom, which was not nice anyways, but it went to the side and did what I feared most. Everyone just looked at me knowing I was going to be a dead man once my grandma got done with me. When I hit her I just started backing away from her in fear. She told me that I should be scared. I told her that she did not know how scared I was. In other news, tonight we went bowling. I did ok in the first game, but then in the second game I was doing poorly and then I became frustrated and I decided to use a lighter ball and using a new technique. I started basically throwing the ball and I did much better.

Thursday May 23rd 2002: Today Jeff Alison and I drove to Vegas to visit the family. The funny part of the day was when Eric thought that we did not bring home his Nintendo. He was upset that we did not bring it, but he tried to not let it show that he was unhappy that the Nintendo did not come down here with us. Anyways, I got the Nintendo out of the car about a half hour after we got to Vegas and hooked up the machine and turned up the volume. Once he heard the music, he was upstairs in about two seconds eager to play a game. Unfortunatley he did better against us that we were expecting. We were hoping to all out destroy the old Nintendo champion. He came in last, but he did not have a pathetic showing.

Saturday May 18th 2002: I got up late again today. I actually woke up to Alison calling me on the phone this morning at 10am. I thought the phone was ringning because I had it set to wake me up with an alarm. So I grabbed my phone and turned it off. A few seconds later I heard my name being called, "Steeeeeeeve!!!!". I started to laugh because it was Alison yelling in her phone to get my attention. So after that I fell asleep again and woke up and helped Edgar fix his computer. After that I fell asleep and woke up again to Nathan calling me. Good job Nathan, if it was not for you, I would have never woken up to go to your house today.

Friday May 17th 2002: Today was talent night at my ward. I failed to come up with a talent and I feel bad for not having anything to show to the world. The fun part of talent night was that I was somehow volunteered to be the icecream scooper. Luckily it was hard to scoop the icecream and as a result, not all of it was eaten. A lot of icecream was taken home and somehow I ended up with most of the left overs. Too bad that I am going to become fat. If it was not me someone else would have to do it, so I am happy to relieve someone else of that trouble.

Tuesday May 14th 2002: Tonight a guy in my ward bought out the 9:50 pm showing of Oceans 11. Tuesday nights are $.50 movie nights. So he spent 80 dollars I think to treat anyone who wanted in the ward and all of his friends to the show. After that I stayed up talking to my roommates and we got into one of those what if debates. My favorite part of the whole conversation was when we were talking about companies and he used NuSkin as a bad example of a business. I didn't even prompt him to say it. He has issues with the company because he is doing an outsourced project for them right now with the company he is working for.

Monday May 13th 2002: Today was a good day. I got quite a bit done. The worst part about today was that I went running and when I was about 2 miles from home, I could not run anymore because my ankle hurt so I had to walk home.

Thursday May 9th 2002: Sort of ticked right now... Just got off the phone with a company that Nathan emailed me about today for an accounting position. It is an entry level job and I know I will not get the job because they want someone with experience. People always want people with experience. How does anyone get experience? Who gave the people that have experience the experience? Someday I will figure out this crazy world of jobs and find something for me.

Monday May 6th 2002: This is my new area where I intend to put updates of my life. Today was another lazy day and I hope that this cycle of wasting my life ends soon. I went to bed last night at 5am because I was doing a big change on the main website. Now it is 10 hours since I woke up and in one hour it will be midnight. I am going to start going to bed earlier and getting up so that I really can find a job. Today I woke up, started looking for jobs, but the internet went down so I continued reading the book Speaker For The Dead, watched TV, went to FHE, and then changed my homepage while watching TV. My life needs to change.